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Automotive Air Charter Service

Global supply chain solutions

Whether you’re looking to transport shipments of components or fully assembled vehicles, our team is on hand to help. In an increasingly global market, our automotive cargo services can bring you closer to your key suppliers and customers, allowing you to expand your reach.

Our vehicle air freight solutions are always tailored to your exact requirements. We also work with leading logistics providers to create and develop large-scale operations – sometimes consisting of hundreds of separate flight rotations.

No matter where in the world your automotive shipments need to go, we will ensure your cargo reaches its destination quickly and safely.

  • Global air freight management specialist in North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East & Asia with a global reach
  • European motorway networks within easy reach of our operating bases
  • Flexible and reliable solutions for special car air freight loads and competitive prices
  • Deep knowledge and experience in automotive air cargo charters

What is vehicle air freight?

We have experience in handling many different types of automotive cargo.

Examples include:

  • Importing high-end supercars or vintage models
  • Transporting vehicles from factories to dealerships
  • Taking car parts between manufacturing settings
  • Specialist services, such as transporting racing cars for high-profile events

No matter the size or scale of the car air cargo you need to transport, we can find a solution. Fill in our dedicated special load requests form to let us know your requirements.

Where can I ship car air freight from or to?

We’re capable of shipping cars by air to anywhere in the world, backed by a global network of colleagues.

With hubs in North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East & Asia, we can provide the solutions and local knowledge you need to get your vehicle air freight where it needs to be.

Chat with a member of our team today or use our online form to give us more details on your requirements.


How much does it cost to transport cars by air?

Shipping cars by air is a more expensive option when compared to ocean freight. However, there are significant benefits to our automotive air charter service, especially if you require a swift delivery.

We can help you with all of the logistics involved in air freight car transport as well as any paperwork that is required at your destination.

Get in touch with us to discuss your options and discover how we can help.

What aircraft ships automotive air freight?

Our fleet of B747-400 freighters is capable of transporting all manner of automotive cargo, from vintage fire trucks to the highly tuned race cars competing in the World Rally Championship.

With different loading options to suit cargo of any size and shape, these specialist jets can carry just about any kind of vehicle air freight but we can also help to arrange a bespoke solution if it is required.

Use our aircraft load-checking tool to work whether your shipment is loadable or get in touch with us to talk through your options.


Why choose Magma Aviation's automotive air cargo charter?

We can apply vehicle air cargo knowledge and expertise on both a local and global scale thanks to experts based in more than 30 regional offices and partnerships with GSAs the world over.

Our network operations are ideally situated for access to European motorways, based in Liege and Hahn.

We’re members of the Air Charter Association and follow the best code of practice to the letter.

If you need a single shipment or a regular automotive cargo partner, we’re happy to discuss your options.

Having been in operation since 2010, we’ve picked up extensive experience in transporting all manner of air freight, including automotive parts and vehicle cargo.

Talk to the automotive air freight experts

Whether you’re transporting a single vintage roadster or a fleet of newly built cars to take to market, we can provide automotive aviation solutions on a global scale.

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