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From Kenyan farms to your local florist

09 Aug 2021

By the time flowers arrive at the florist they have likely been on a long journey across the globe. For something that has such a short life span you may ask, how is this possible?

Flowers, like many perishable goods, are a global commodity. Our Magma Aviation experts work with our clients to ensure that the operations run smoothly and that we can get the cargo to where it needs to get to, fresh and ready to sell. Magma Aviation are proud to regularly supply air freight solutions to the Kenyan market since the company was founded.

The flowers journey starts on a farm in Kenya, where each flower is handpicked. From there the flowers are taken to the factory to be washed, trimmed and bunched together according to type. They are then boxed up ready for transport to the airport where they are stored in a refrigerated warehouse until the precious cargo is ready to be loaded on board a Magma Aviation aircraft. Magma Aviation make sure the flowers are correctly loaded to ensure that they are protected from damage during the flight. Once on board the cargo is kept at the optimum conditions to prevent the flowers from perishing on the journey. Upon landing, the flowers are unloaded and transported to wholesalers, eventually making their way to be sold in florists all over Europe.

That is quite a journey for a flower that started off on a farm in Kenya!

Watch the video of the journey here

For more information about how Magma Aviation can provide transportation services for perishable goods, please speak with one of our experts who will be able to discuss your specific requirements by emailing or calling +44 (0) 1342 83 00 00.

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