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Magma Aviation transport large building machinery to Africa

01 Sep 2021

On the 3rd of August, Global Cargo Management France, requested for Magma Aviation to transport some building machinery to their customer in Nairobi. The item, which weighed 9,890kg, required a 20ft pallet which had been preprepared with spreading. There was also a crate on a skid weighing 430kg, which had a spare wheel strapped on it. This operation needed a great deal of coordination in order to make it successful due to the nature of the equipment being transported. Timing was essential because the machinery, which arrived by truck to the airport, needed a crane to move it on to the pallet. It also needed to be loaded onto the aircraft in a specific position to allow for extra strapping inside the aircraft, all of which meant that the ground time was longer than usual. The experts at Magma Aviation were able to ensure that everything was in place prior to the operation to ensure success.

The flight from Liege Airport (LGG) flew to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO) via Lagos, Nigeria (LOS) and Douala, Cameroon (DLA). The transport took place on a TF-AMC aircraft as part of a part charter load in combination with Magma Aviation’s weekly CC322 multi stop Africa flight. It required everyone working on the project at each airport to cooperate seamlessly as one team.

To allow for a specific piece of freight to be delivered last, all other items being offloaded at earlier stops had to work around this large piece of equipment. Magma Aviation made sure that at each stop there was enough manpower to handle the freight. All the hard work and organising paid off; the transport was a success and the machinery arrived on time and ready for onward travel. Global Cargo Management France commented that they were very pleased with the service and coordination.

We would like to thank Magma Aviation’s Liege representative Raviv Knafo for coordinating the delivery and crane timings to ensure both the offload and build-up of the operation ran smoothly.

For more information about Magma Aviation’s transportation services, please speak with one of our experts who will be able to discuss your specific requirements by emailing or calling +44 (0) 1342 83 00 00.

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