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You can be confident in Magma Aviation’s complete service to provide per kilo, part or full charter solutions for your logistical requirements. Our trained personnel and partners will ensure all international air cargo regulations are adhered to. For security and your total peace of mind, your cargo will be fully monitored from receipt at our agent’s warehouse to delivery at the destination airport. As part of our 24/7 aviation logistics management service, you will always have the confidence of knowing the progress of your shipment at all times.

At Magma Aviation, we have the expertise and experience to handle difficult or out-sized cargo, along with the ability to transport urgent relief cargo, perishables, live animals, oil and gas and hazardous substances.

Magma Aviation’s business model is a complementary combination of regular flying and global ad-hoc cargo charters. Private ownership combined with far reaching industry contacts mean solutions to full charter and part charter enquiries can be quickly arranged and your air cargo transported at short notice. Urgent flights can operate within 48 hours or less of your initial contact. As an aviation logistics management company we are committed to on-time departure but with the flexibility to delay take off in order to adapt to your changing schedule.

Further details on our services are outlined below :


Charter Services

We are able to offer charter solutions that can be tailored to each customer’s needs whether it be a one off full charter or part charter request, a series of flights or even a longer term charter operation.

This solution can be offered on our leased aircraft or other aircraft as required.

Our charter solutions include all of the following :

  • the aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance
  • landing/traffic permits, fuel, aircraft and cargo handling for both normal and outsized loads.
  • use of our air waybills
  • trucking and customs clearance if required

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REGULAR Services

We operate regular weekly services into Africa and North America, flying on behalf of our airline, consolidator and freight forwarder partners to BGF, BZV, COO, DLA, FIH, LFW, NSI, PNR and GSP. For enquiries regarding our regular services please contact us for more details.

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Track and Trace

Coming soon.


Priority Service

On our regular services we do offer a priority booking service or ‘must fly’. Please speak to our respective GSA’s about rates.

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Live Animal/AVI

We have vast experience in flying various types of animals, all coming with their specific complexities relating to timing, quarantine, loading, temperature control and veterinarian support. In the recent past we have transported pregnant cows, cattle breeding stock, sheep, goats, pigs and zoo animals to name a few.

On request, we can supply a turn key solution with all of the pallets, containers, protective sheeting etc.

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ULD Tracking

Magma Aviation is able to help with all of your aircraft pallet needs. From one-off repatriation to the entire outsourcing of your pallet management solution we can offer help and assistance in a timely and professional manner. If you are an airline and are having trouble with tracking, repatriating, leasing, purchasing or repairing of your aircraft pallets please contact us for a no obligation quote.

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With our extensive range of road haulage contacts we can help facilitate any trucking requirements (be it normal, outsized or dangerous goods) to or from any of the Airports that we fly to. Please contact us for further information.

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Conditions of Carriage

Please contact us for our Terms and Conditions.

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