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Special Air Cargo

Special care for special shipments

Air cargo is a critical component of global trade, moving goods and commodities across the world in a timely and efficient manner. Special load shipments from dangerous goods, helicopters, oil drilling equipment and pharmaceuticals to helicopters, perishables and live animals, require specific considerations and handling procedures when transported on air cargo aircraft.

At Magma Aviation, the specialised air cargo management company, we have a wide range of aircraft at our disposal, including a fleet of B747 cargo planes. These aircraft are among the largest and most powerful freighters in the world, capable of carrying payloads of up to 120 tons. With this impressive capacity, B747 freighters are the ideal choice for transporting special load shipments.

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When it comes to special loads, our special load officers follow strict guidelines. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has developed a set of regulations that outline the safe transportation of hazardous materials and other commodities on air cargo aircraft. These regulations cover everything from packaging and labelling to handling and storage procedures. The regulations also ensure that the cargo is transported in accordance with the highest safety standards, minimising the risk of accidents or incidents.

B747 load calculator

Check your shipment loadability with our B747 load checker online tool.

Niche cargo and special loads

B747 freighters are well-suited for transporting special load shipments, as they have a dedicated cargo hold specifically designed for this purpose. This cargo hold is fully enclosed and isolated from the rest of the aircraft, with specialised ventilation systems that maintain the proper temperature and humidity levels. Additionally, the cargo hold is equipped with fire suppression systems, ensuring that any potential fires can be quickly and safely contained.

Another special load commodity that is commonly transported on air cargo aircraft is helicopters. Helicopters are often used in industries such as oil and gas, search and rescue, and military operations, where they need to be transported quickly and efficiently to remote locations. B747 freighters are equipped with specialised loading equipment that allows for the safe and efficient loading and unloading of helicopters. Additionally, the cargo hold is designed to accommodate the size and weight of helicopters, ensuring that they are transported securely and without damage.

Magma Aviation specialises in niche cargo and special load shipments and has access to B747 freighters. With our expertise and experience, we can ensure that your special load cargo is transported safely and efficiently, getting it to its destination on time and without incident. Fill out our special load request form by clicking request a quote.

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